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    The Best Version of You - "unleash your full potential"

    Shane is a high energy and engaging speaker. His presentation style is a great way to start or finish your event, or to get the energy levels back up again after lunch. His "Best Version of You" presentation is suitable for all industries and is designed to inspire individuals and teams to remove the excuses and become the best version of themselves. 

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    See Shane in action and on stage

    The "X" Series

    Engaging and high energy keynotes combining Shane's unique blend of experiences from military special forces, highly successful business ownership through to the inner workings of the world’s most secret societies and clubs.

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    Event Solutions

    Shane as is a professional speaker and workshop facilitator. His most sort after topics come from his high energy “The X Series”, which are based on his unique blend of experiences from military special forces, highly successful business ownership through to the inner workings of the world’s most secret societies and clubs. All of these topics can be either a keynote and/or break out workshop, customised to meet your conference theme and key message.

  • The "X" Series

    conference and workshop topics

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    BX - Business eXperience

    "future proof your business with meaning and purpose"

    With access to vast amounts of information, training and innovation, there never has been a better time than now to be in business. Yet we all know the stats around start up businesses and the fact that only a small percentage of them will be around after 2 years. What's the difference between those that make it and those that don't? In this keynote you will discover the power of a purposeful business, the 10 essential, non negotiable building blocks of a successful business and the 2 skills that must be mastered and balanced to create super profits.


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    TX - Team eXperience

    "putting the cult back into culture"

    Anything worthwhile is rarely ever done alone. Your vision as a leader is broadcasted and amplified through your people. Attracting, recruiting and retaining the best people can have the biggest impact on your success. It also can be your biggest challenge, often a daily one. How do we find these people? And when we do, how do we keep them? In this keynote you will discover the 5 desires that make people “tick” and 10 of the best strategies that compels them to “stick” around.

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    IX - Implement eXperience

    "performing at your peak and getting stuff done"

    We are all going to arrive in the next day, week, month, quarter and year. You will either arrive by design or by no design. How we arrive is influenced on where our focus and attention is directed. Unless we are mindful of this, it can feel like we are just making up the numbers in someone else's plan. It's hard to reach your full potential when you feel like you are just spinning your wheels. In this keynote you will learn the 5 frames that assist you in getting stuff done, performing at your peak and living each day on purpose.


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    CX - Customer eXperience

    "the map that highlights your CX touch points"

    The promise is that when you get the customer experience right, everything else will fall into place. That’s great, but what does the customer experience even mean for your business, and where do you begin to deliver it? CX by design starts with knowing your customers journey with your brand, both before, during and after the sale. In this keynote you will discover the framework required to map your customers journey and the 8 key insights required for the optimal customer experience.

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    HX - Human eXperience

    "taking back control of your life"

    Often it can feel like we are becoming slaves to the very machines and technologies we created to make our lives easier and to give us back more time. We are innovating at the fastest rate in recorded history, yet finding fulfilment in every day life seems to be coming harder. How do we find balance in this 24/7 world that is always on, that demands immediate responses and unrealistic deadlines for everyone else’s priorities? Discover the 5 pillars that gives you clarity and gets you back in control, whilst creating a fulfilling human experience.

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    Build A Customised Solution

    "tap into my 3 decades of experience"

    With over 30 years of business, leadership, team building, communication and life experiences, if you need something specific or personalised for your event, Shane can create a customised solution. As an example he assisted a Mortgage Broking group by creating a 100 day action plan with accountability for their personal development day. Another example was for a real estate group, where he facilitated a workshop for their business owners to establish their shared vision, purpose and values.


  • About Shane

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    Shane Kempton

    bringing out the very best in individuals and teams

    Get ready for the energy and inspiration in the room to go through the roof. Shane Kempton is an inspiring conference speaker, leadership mentor, accountability and business coach. Not only is he big in stature and presence, he is big on experiences and at the highest level. From serving his country as a Soldier in the Australian Army working alongside the SASR, owner of the number 1 real estate office, working with elite sporting teams, through to being a member of both secret societies and motorcycle clubs. He knows how people tick, why they stick around and how to get them performing at their best as individuals and in teams. Shane's style is down to earth, relatable and his message is easy to implement. A fit and healthy family man, who is passionate about life and everything it has to offer. His adventures will entertain, energise and engage any audience.

  • Testimonials


    Pat Mesiti


    Shane Kempton is a master speaker, presenter and facilitator. His capacity to engage an audience and move them to action is world class.
    Do yourself a favour. Book him and let him do what he does best... Build you a better, stronger and more successful business.
    You will never forget him.

    Matt Church

    Thought Leaders

    Shane knows people. He is a great speaker, team builder and Thought Leader on culture, helping businesses grow at the speed of relationships. The principle that we are one click away from any idea or contact is elegant in its simplicity. Work with Shane if you get the chance. A great speaker and coach!

    Kirsty Dunphey


    Shane you are as an absolute legend! The event you spearheaded featuring Sir Richard Branson was a roaring success. As MC you controlled and guided the room with your signature style. Congratulations on the $160,000 + tally you raised for the charity. An amazing morning of inspiration and motivation.

    Leanne Howard

    Real Estate Results Network

    Shane has spoken for me at a few leading real estate events such as AREC and RERN Kickstart . Shane can speak on a wide variety of topics from leadership through to sales skills and has tailor made sessions to suit our audiences. His vast experience including working in the trenches, his warmth, humour and invaluable content are a hit every time. He always rates as one of the best speakers at any event. Shane will always perform and provide lots of take-home value for delegates.

    Mark Murphy

    Byfields CPA

    We found his style on the topic of "Inspiration with Accountability" to be both clear and positive, entertaining and informative. He offered sound and experienced guidance  in various areas regarding our attitudes to family, business and life in general. This was engaging and energising as it was based around his own personal experiences. We would have no hesitation in recommending Shane as a keynote speaker for your next conference or workshop.

    Sarah Hopkins

    Fairfax Digital

    The Online Classified Team were fortunate enough to engage Shane Kempton to assist in a half day workshop. Shane made a significant impact on every staff member, contributing to the fantastic level of motivation shown in the second half of the day which was business plans for the year. Shane has an innate ability to inspire and motivate whilst remaining down to earth and pragmatic in his approach in building strong and positive teams.

    Glenn Capelli

    Author of Thinking Caps

    It is a joy to work with Shane – a speaker and educator who truly makes a difference in the lives of those who experience him. Shane is a presenter with a BIG background, BIG visionary themes, BIG voice, BIG body and BIG body of work. He is also an educator who has you pay attention to the tiny details that make significant differences and tiny ideas that grow into exciting realities.

    It has been great to share thoughts, ideas, presentations and stages with Shane. Every Conference and Organisation should experience this man and his message.

    Mark Sinclair

    Real Estimations

    As both Shane and I work in the real estate industry our paths naturally cross. I was fortunate enough to recently attend one of Shanes’ leadership conferences and it highlighted all of Shanes’ professional skills. The conference and delivery was insightful, honest, direct, commercially compassionate and above all genuine. I urge you to engage Shanes’ services and attend his conferences or book him as a keynote speaker for your personal and business development as you and your team will be highly rewarded”

    Geoff Baldwin


    Having known Shane for over 20 years and have witnessed him excel at each level in business from Salesperson to Manager to Office Owner to CEO of several national companies. I recently invited him to provide a keynote talk and a life planning presentation for our real estate franchise group and our people were enormously impressed. More importantly they have now requested more opportunities to work with Shane to convert his plan for success and happiness into reality. We will be looking to further cement our relationship with Shane and I highly recommend his unique approach to anyone who is sincere about their own prosperity and that of their business.